How can I start a business with 10k in India?

Start an Online Business. Exactly, you heard me right. You can start an online business with the 10K that you have.

Let me demystify the truth before I take you through the journey on how to effectively invest the 10k and built a business. It’s a journey that’s full of excitement and hardship. But the end result will be quite rewarding!

Why not start an e-commerce store and sell online.

The best part about digital technologies is that you are opened to a new world of opportunities. A world where you can test multiple options, compare alternate solutions and then decide what’s best for you.

Even you can start a home based business to sell products online. Why not look into a few of the below business opportunities;

  • Start a home-based apparel store
  • Start an online grocery store and sell online
  • Create a virtual bookstall and sell books online
  • Star an online floral shop and Sell flowers online
  • Start a homemade cookie shop and sell cookies online

There are numerous business ideas out there which you could use to build and scale an online business.

Online E-commerce Business Models are Gaining Significance Among Customers

There are a lot of pre-built eCommerce platform providers out there that enables you to start an online store within seconds.

Let me list down a few e-commerce platform providers that allow you to start an online business within the set budget of 10K.

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