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How to create or add Table of Content automatically in blog posts.

If you are book any any type of reader you are very much aware and used too of this term Table of Content or index. this make any book or any modules summary presentation in very short headings. It makes reader to find any related topic easily instead of searching page by page or line by line reader can refer table of content to find related topic details.  

So do you want anything like this feature in your every post automatically suing your added header. In wordpress you can easily add such type of table of content using some plugins without writing any HTML or any code.

Advantages of adding table of Content in post.

As added already use of table of content makes your post handy for reader without efforts. Your blog  details in short summary table makes user attentive toward our post. Instead of long long stories and article in post he can directly click on his related topic and read it. This gives good experience to user.

By following some good practic of writting blog with having table of content makes your blog more readable as well as it will boost your SEO ranking in good search engine. Google directly forward user to related section with heap of your table of content like below .

Table of Content Advantages

You can add code for adding Table of Content but that will be time consuming and in every post and page you have to do same. So to remove this you can add some plugins like Easy Table of Contents. Lets see how to add and how to enable it for automatically add in your post.

How to download and install Easy Table of Contents plugin ?

You can easily add this plugin by two methods

1.Go to Easy Table of Contents and downlaod worpress plugin and install plugin in Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin .

2.Go to Plugin -> Add new -> In search table type easy table of contents -> Click on Install -> Then after install click on Activate




After activation of plugin go to Setting -> Table of Content. You will see all option for setting of your automatic generate of table of content.



How to enable setting for automatically add Table of Content in post and page.

In table of contest setting you can see various option for enable and disable with mutiple customization of colours and size . You can even change where you have to add location of table of content so lets see one by one useful option for us.

  • Enable Support and Auto Insert.

In this option you can select any option where you want to auto enable. So select post and page option for enable auto insert table of Content in each blogs.

  • Position and Show when.

In position select before first heading which is by default selected. This option will show your table of content below your summary tab and above first heading so that user can have easy access of our table of content.

In show when select min 2 value max is depends on your post content. Show when means after how much heading you have to enable table of content.

There are others option which is not mandatory to change which is on individual preference.

  • For changing Width/Size.
  • For theme/Color change.
  • For which heading to be consider from H1 to H6
  • For excluding specific word heading from table of content automatically. 

After all changes click on Save button for update changes.

Note : After each change you have to save otherwise changes will not reflect in you post.

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