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How to delete or cancel Google Adsense account in 2021

Want to delete your google adsense? So yeah here you will find way to delete your google adsense. 

There may be multiple reasons for which anyone want to delete adsense account but most probably because of adsense policy which says 

You don’t already has another Adsense account as we only allow one account per person. if you do have another Adsense account,please close it in order to use this one.


As shown in below image if you are geetting below error then you might attached your site to two account so google will identify account with two link account and will restrict from creating adsense approval.

google adsense account delete

So lets flow steps to delete your unwanted google Adsense account.

  1. Login with your account which adsense account you want to delete

Note: Make sure that you have seleted that account only.Our suggestion is sign out all other google account before doing this or else you might delete other adsense account that you want to approve for.

  1. Click on right side img icon or your account 

  2. Then click on my account

Google Adsense account delete

  1. Then you will go to google various setting options where for delete your adsense account you need to delete your payment account.
  2. Go to Payments & subscriptions 

  1. Click on Manage Payment methods.

  2. You will redirect to payment domain of google.

  • Click on setting 

  • You will see below details like payment account and your account type and so on.
  • Scroll down to end and you will find close payment in payment profile status.
  • Click on close payments profile.

  • Closing payment account will automatically delete your adsense account too as both are linked.
  • Need to fill reason why your are closing account and click on continue.

  • You will get popup box for confirmation for your payment account closer which will include your adsense account close confirmation also.
  • Click on Close payments profile button for close your account.

  • After your confirmation for closure of your Payment account you will get email notification of your payment and adsense account closure .

Congrats !! You successfully deleted your unwanted account.

Now you can apply for new account with your website for adsense approval.

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