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How To Fast Forward/Rewind Instagram videos

Sometime video start and video end is not that important as videos mid part and we want to fast forward or rewind any part of video.

In start of any videos most creators add some titles some non related images to attract audience so we just want to skip that part and move forward to our main content.

That video is on YouTube or Instagram or any offline video that doesn’t matter. In older version of Instagram we are able to upload video only of few seconds say 15 sec to 1 min video but now reels and IGTV videos are very popular in Instagram platform for show creativity and also for publicity.

Recently I found in Instagram also peoples promotes there YouTube video’s add some highlights because of high Realtime audience and traffic of Instagram. So Instagram also added this fast forward feature in video playback.

To fast forward video

  1. open Instagram app and play any posted video of any User/Page.
  2. Press on video anywhere and hold. You will see time bar on top side of screen .
  3. Hold screen and move finger to right for fast forward and move to left for rewind.

Note : This feature will work on mobile version not on desktop

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