Make money by domains

Making money from online is depends on way of your efforts. Sometimes it will be so easy that you will think and say it was so easy. So one way of making money is from Domain registration. lets see how.

Domain mean your website is register at. Every website is register on online domain register sites like Godaddy. Every domain has its own price and extension like lets say has 699 Rs in but if you change extension to then price will change.

If you want to make money from it then you need to use some tricks.

  1. You can use Fresh name domain
  2. You can use Existing domain name .

Fresh Domain : – In this type you need to find out latest upcoming company, Startups, Stores, Education,Hospital etc etc. then you have to buy his .com domain. note this every domain will not give you money so choose domain accordingly which has higher possibilities. After buying you can put that domain for auction and ask whatever price you want.

Existing Domain : – Existing Domain means domain name is register with some extension but there are lot more extension yet to register like is already register with abc company but or not register so you can register that domain and deal with company for domain price.

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