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Some cool command prompt (cmd) tricks

You must have thought that if anyone using command prompt then he is doing something related to hacking or illegal things but let me tell you its not only about hacking but by using cmd makes your life quite easy if you are in computer world

So basically cmd prompt directly deals with computer system with some assigned command. lets starts with some life hack command which you’ll gonna love.

Trick 1 : cmd open in any path

path entering is very hectic work in cmd so basically to open cmd in that path then

– go this file directory where you have to open cmd and type cmd in adreess bar for cmd prompt.

Here you go. cmd will open in your screen like below

Trick 2 : Change color of your cmd.

  1. for changing color of your cmd just type below command where you will get all type of color with there code.
  2. type help color in cmd

3. then you will get above screen after that type color #colorCode# for changing color of cmd font.

Trick 3 : Changing title of cmd screen

  1. Just for fun you can use this command for changing title or cmd
  2. type title # any tile name you want# for exmaple : title dont use my computer

Trick 5: Hide your any folder using cmd

  1. You can hide folder using property->Hidden attribute but it will be visible by anyone if they enable hidden folder enable feature from view menu.
  2. So for safe case your data from any user you can use steps to hide any folder in windows.
  3. Go to directory of folder and create you folder in which you want to hide data
  4. type cmd in address bar where you have you newly created folder
  5. then in cmd type Attrib +h +s +r #folder name#
  6. for example Attrib +h +s +r myData

7. When you refresh screen you wont find your folder visible

8. for Unhide it again use same command with “-” (minus) like

type Attrib -h -s -r myData

Trick 6 : Copy cmd output in clipboard

  1. Sometime you want to copy whole output of any command but you stuck while copy text from cmd screen so here is best solution you have
  2. so just type you command and after getting output in screen
  3. for copy than output just type #your command# | clip

4. All output of ipconfig will get in your clipboard.

5. Open notepad and paste it.

Trick 7 : See last used command history

  1. To see command history of that particular session one option is you can you upper arrow for see last used command.
  2. for all command view you can use f7 to see all lasted used commands


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