What to see for best Laptop?

Laptop congratulation is same as we look in desktop configuration. It has display, keyboard , mouse (Touch pad), Graphic card, processor etc etc. so lets see what is it all about.

1.Processor :- Every laptop has its own unit which runs multiple task with good optimization. higher the processor higher the performance. people get confused in ram and processor. so we will clear that to.Processor is mainly AMD and Intel you must be aware of this. If not then this processor is you can say it is chip consist of most of small small electronic mechanism.

for laptop which you can use for normal use you can go for AMD processor. but if you want to buy for budget plus high end configuration for longer use then go for Intel processor.

Intel processor : Inlet regularly release its new upgrades in processor. In new processor and also in its generation. Always remember go for higher generation with higher processor gives you better performance. if your budget is low then for for at least i5 8th generation. I ll put some laptops that you can buy. for more higher budget go for i7 8th generation. This generation and processor has different speed. but for too much high end games and applications only you can see real difference. Most of the games can run in both processors smoothly but it requires Graphic Cards. we will see that in below.

Each Processor has its own generation and speed. people just see its processor and generation but don’t see its speed which is mentioned like 2.2Ghz ,2.9GHz etc. Same processor with same generation can have different speed. so always see its speed. higher GHz will give you better performance. normal for i7 and i5 speed for 8th generation is same.

some processors gives turbo boost. There speed is about 2.2 GHz up to 4.1GHz it is for i7 8th generation. so this means based on performance required this processor can boost up its range for speed to its higher point up to 4.1GHz to give you better performance. Always look for this kind of configuration for good processor choice.

2. Graphic cards :- As we seen processor is main for good performance. Graphic card is also same importance for performance boost. If you are looking for laptop that can run applications smooth which don’t have any rendering or any animations or any UI related to display then only processor is enough for your laptop.

Graphic card supports processor to enhance its performance for display and rendering. You might faced lagging screen while playing games. that lagging is handle by this Graphic cards. higher the version of graphic card higher the smoothness of application. This helps processor to render and load your games screen faster, Images load faster, Video render faster. all related to display boost up by graphic card. now mostly NVIDIA 1050 4 GB graphic you can see in many laptops. If budget is higher then go for 1050Ti or 1060 graphic card for better performance.

3. RAM :- RAM is also supporter for processor to increase applications performance faster. Every application or games has its own running memory. lets say You have 4 GB ram and one application has running memory of 1.5 GB and you has only 1 GB memory free out of 4 GB then obviously your existing applications will be close or this new application runs with very slow action. This happen because there is no space for running multiple application in your laptop.

So Higher the RAM memory size higher the application you can run with high performance in your laptop. most of the laptop have two slots for ram means you can put two RAM in your laptop like 4 GB and 4 GB for 8 GB or only single 8 GB. always look for two slots and maximum size of RAM supported. if possible buy laptop which has maximum 32 GB size supported. you can upgrade it later for better performance.

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